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BASE Consultants services include:
  • Comprehensive and accurate on-site commercial property inspections
  • Real estate due diligence services
  • Mortgage field services
  • Commercial property analysis
  • Unbiased property inspection reports to fulfill your commericial property consulting needs and site inspection requirements

  • Property Condition Assesments
    Repair and replacement costs for immediate and long term allocated asset life.
    Industry accepted reserve tables.
  • ADA Compliance
    Costs estimates of compliance.
    Visual compliance audits and surveying.
  • Roof and Pavement Management
    Visual and infrared surveying.
    Coring and testing.
  • Pre-Construction Support
    Budget and document review.
    Compliance with permits and document analysis.
  • Construction Monitoring and Testing
    Quality and completion inspections and construction materials QC testing.
    Conformance to contract documents.
    Payment application and change order review.
  • Environement Due Diligence
    Phase I and II site assessments.
    Remedial design and installation.
    Remediation monitoring.
    Site closure.
  • Mortgage Inspections
    Loan origination inspcetions.
    Annual loan servicing inspections.
  • Industrial Hygiene
    Asbestos and lead based paint.
    Indoor air quality.
    Radon testing.
  • Owners Representation and Project Management Services
    Site remediation.
    Asbestos and lead abatement.
    Roof and pavement upgrades.
  • Custom Commercial Real Estate Projects
    Portfolio analysis.
    Individual QA reporting.


Our services cover all commercial property types, including: Office Buildings, Retail, Multi-Family Dwellings, Parking Structures, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Industrial, Special Purpose and Senior Housing.